Learn to play brass!

Rich Colquhoun first began teaching individuals and coaching ensembles in 2001. He has worked with hundreds of pupils teaching brass instruments, music theory and GSCE/A-level music as well as conducting community ensembles, a youth big band and a number of training groups. In 2012, dissatisfied with many of the current music education systems that exist, Rich began to study in much greater depth improved ways of teaching brass technique and embouchure. After 7 years of study and practice he now specialises in teaching existing players to improve their playing using knowledge from a variety of modern methods as well as a range of his own exercises and instruction.

In his own playing Rich uses the Tongue Controlled Embouchure as described on the TCE-UK Website. Rich is currently the only recommended teacher in the UK offering lessons in this specific technique.

Online Lessons

As well at teaching face-to-face it is also possible to have lessons over Skype or Facetime. These services have allowed Rich to teach people all over the UK, as well as Argentina, Austria, Brazil, Denmark, Estonia, Germany, Holland, Hong Kong, Israel, Italy, and Vietnam. This is a surprisingly effective way to receive specialist tuition about embouchure or general brass playing on a schedule that suits your needs without having to travel long distances.