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Three valves… Seven fingerings… a fully chromatic instrument is born. Not so fast! Even though that is true, the only thing that valves do is change which notes are available to be played. Just like when playing a bugle or natural trumpet, it is still your lips, tongue and air that control the instrument.

The Seven Bugles was a concept I came up with many years ago when I had pupils struggling with basic embouchure movements. Fast forward to 2017 and I realised that by marrying my idea with Bahb Civiletti’s 5 Essential Articulations I could now begin to write this dual-purpose book. Exploring The Harmonic Series With The Seven Bugles could take a trumpeter from learning their first notes to playing the highest tessitura of the instrument, but it is also a detailed guide of how to learn to play with a tongue controlled embouchure for anybody who already plays the trumpet. If you have an interest in being the best player you can be and mastering the most difficult brass music then this book can take you there!

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Exploring The Double Pedal Register is a book that brings the original work of Jerome Callet back to the trumpet playing community.

More than 45 years have passed since Callet published his book Trumpet Yoga: The Ultimate Modern Trumpet Embouchure and yet the knowledge contained within this book is still not well known. Since it is long out of print this new book presents the information in a fresh and interesting way that will show you how to develop into a trumpet playing powerhouse. My pupils call me every day, excited about their development as a result of the exercises in this book!

The second edition has a few edits to the explanations; an updated perspective from nearly two further years of teaching the exercises; and a some error corrections. If you own a copy of the first edition then please send and email and ask for a free update.

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Set, Breathe, Play! is a short guide to developing consistent brass playing through working on a consistent preparation routine before playing the first note of any musical phrase. The concept is simple, but the effects are great.

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A Practical 21st Century To Learning Scales FAST! is a book that I wrote with the aim of destroying the myth that scales are difficult to learn.

With this simple method you can learn all of your major and minor scales quickly and easily. All scales are written out in a way that they can be played without struggling to remember sharps and flats. You will quickly learn that each scale is only one note different from the last and develop your aural skills as you play through them in a way that they have never been presented to you before.

The second edition is has alterations to the text, some visual components and layout. If you have paid for the first edition then please send an email to request a free copy of the new edition.

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Harmonic Series Warm-up Exercises – Short Edition is a warm-up process that I have put together based upon Bahb Civiletti’s baroque trumpet warm ups from the book Trumpet Secrets. I use it with all of my pupils as it covers the fundamental requirements of brass playing. The ‘Short Edition’ is only two pages long but following all of the instructions can represent months of practise and development if worked through completely. This exercise is written out in every key as a part of The Seven Bugles ebook.

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This Strengthening Exercise is one that I developed for the people that I teach online. Based upon an exercise from the book Trumpet Secrets it expands a simple exercise into one that can be practiced a few times a week to push you both in terms of range and stamina. Remember: Your high range is not the notes you can squeeze out on a good day, but those that you can cleanly and easily execute through to the end of a concert. This will only improve by systematically building what you already have.

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Order now! Rich Colquhoun Signature Trumpet Mouthpiece

Full information about the TCE-RC mouthpiece can be found by clicking this link. These are the technical specifications:

Internal diameter 0.620 in / 15.7mm
Rim Fairly flat.
Cup Medium / 0.3 in / 8mm rim to shoulder.
Throat #28 drill / 0.14 in / 3.55mm
Larger throat sizes are also available.
Backbore Balanced with the cup,
dense core, centred sound.
Medium weight, modern external blank.

Demand has been higher than expected so stock is limited!
These mouthpieces are made in small batches by an individual, not mass-produced by a company. It is advised to get in touch to check current stock before purchase.
If I am out of stock then your mouthpiece will reserved until the next batch is made.

Bahb Civiletti’s The Art of the High Baroque

World Premiere Recording on Baroque Trumpet. Featuring the works of Joseph Riepel, Franz Querfurth, Georg von Reutter II, Franz Xavier Richter and J. Michael Haydn. Robert J. “Bahb” Civiletti, baroque trumpet. The Belgian Baroque Soloists, Niranjan Wijewickrema, Conductor; Marie Haag, Catherine Meeus, baroque violins; Rainer Ardt, baroque viola; Eve Francois, baroque cello; Benoit Vanden Bemden, baroque bass viol; Sopie van Heerle, harpsichord; Stefanie Troffaes, Wim Vandenbossche, transverse flutes; Mark De Merlier, Frank Clarysse, natural horns; Alain De Rijckere, baroque bassoon. Producer and program annotator; Edward H.Tarr, Recording engineer; Paul Pasquier, Editing; Paul Pasquier, Niranjan Wijewickrema.
Buccina Cantorum Recordia BCR 3313114. Recorded 10-13 April 2007.

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