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Exploring The Double Pedal Register is a new book bringing the original work of Jerome Callet back to the trumpet playing community.

More than 45 years have passed since Callet published his book Trumpet Yoga: The Ultimate Modern Trumpet Embouchure and yet the knowledge contained within this book is still not well known. Since it is long out of print this new book presents the information in a fresh and interesting way that will show you how to develop into a trumpet playing powerhouse. My pupils call me every day, excited about their development as a result of the exercises in this book!

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A Practical 21st Century To Learning Scales FAST! is a book that I wrote with the aim of destroying the myth that scales are difficult to learn.

With this simple method you can learn all of your major and minor scales quickly and easily. All scales are written out in a way that they can be played without struggling to remember sharps and flats. You will quickly learn that each scale is only one note different from the last and develop your aural skills as you play through them in a way that they have never been presented to you before.

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