Correct focus in mind and tone is missing from most brass players technique.
This simple concept is a real game-changer.






Everyone loves a recursive acronym!

Do yourself a favour and throw away words like “Dark”, “Bright”, “Full” and “Round” from your description of correct trumpet tone. If you concentrate on making a clean sound that doesn’t change from one note to the next then in a short time your playing will vastly improve. Any fuzz or spreading of the tone is a sign that some of your effort is being wasted on making noise other than the tones you are trying to produce. This is inefficient and therefore damaging to stamina, range and power. Striving to be efficient means putting less in and getting more out! Also listen for this fault in the playing of others. You will be surprised how many cannot produce a pure tone on the trumpet – usually as a result of fatigue from using a weak embouchure type and overblowing.

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