The Double Sharps

After a gig this week I was asked how and where I learned jazz improvisation. It certainly wasn’t in school big band or even when I was studying at a conservatoire. The environment that gave me the valuable years of practising jazz improvisation was busking as part of a jazz duo on the streets of […]

Flugelhorn duet

Here is a recording that was made in 2013 by Richard Lambert. I am playing a duet from the Selected Duets book on my flugelhorn. I’m sharing because I like it! Enjoy.

WOW!!! has a new look!

That’s right, Trumpet Planet has had an overhaul! If you’re reading this on my website then you can already see the fresh new look that it has been given. Well done you! As always, the comments box is always open. Get involved 🙂 -iii<0