Trumpet Planet


Trumpet Planet is a website created by Rich Colquhoun, a freelance trumpet player from Bristol, England. Initially set up as a blog about the life of a freelance musician it has evolved over a few years into this site with Rich’s own books, exercises for brass players, and other merchandise. Please use the links to the side to navigate, and read below for news.

Rich is Europe’s leading proponent of the Tongue Controlled Embouchure, which he learnt with assistance from virtuoso baroque trumpet soloist Bahb Civiletti. He has been studying brass embouchure methods and the history of brass pedagogy for many years and has a unique perspective on many approaches to brass playing. For more information about the TCE take a look at Rich’s other website TCE-UK.


JUNE 2019! I’ve just added a new TESTIMONIALS page. Check that out!

MARCH 2019! I have just added my third ebook Exploring The Harmonic Series with The Seven Bugles to my store. Click here to learn more.

FEBRUARY 2019! In recent months I have been developing a trumpet mouthpiece to sell to my pupils and anybody else who is interested. Find more details in my store.