The Satie Project continues…

After my little experiment yesterday with improvisation over Erik Satie’s Gymnopedie No 1 I was inspired to create another recording using Gnossienne No 1. Satie’s minimalistic harmonic structure creates an environment that isn’t too different in nature from the modal jazz styles that were being explored 40 years after his death. The harmony in this […]

Gymnotrompeta No 1

Anybody who is familiar with my taste in classical music knows that one of my favourite composers is Erik Satie. Today I made an improvised recording over the chords to his famous Gymnopédie No 1 using Abelton Live 9. I hope you enjoy Gymnotrompeta! Please share the link as you much as you wish.

Say What Preview

Here is a preview / first draft / demo of another recording that I’m working on. At the moment the title is “Say What?” Enjoy and please feel free to comment!

New Media!

If you haven’t had the time yet then please take a moment to check my media page. There are examples of a few of the styles of trumpet playing that I enjoy. I have just added my latest project titled “Beggin’ for Swing” – an electro swing cover of the famous song performed by Frankie […]