Trumpet Planet is a website and blog written by Rich Colquhoun,

a freelance professional trumpet player based in Bristol, UK.

I am trained in playing classical, jazz and commercial styles and have over 15 years of experience as a professional performer and session musician. In an average month my work could be playing with a party band, classical solo performances, playing trumpet in a theatre band, lead trumpet in a salsa group, or small jazz groups. I also have regular engagements playing in orchestras for choral societies, brass bands and function bands. For more information, please visit my Professional Services page.

I have a strong interest in the understanding of brass instruments and embouchure methods. This has lead to an focus on the work of Jerome Callet’s Superchops Embouchure and study of the Tongue Controlled Embouchure with Robert J. ‘Bahb’ Civiletti. To find out more on this subject please visit my other site at http://tonguecontrolled.info/


Recently I have begun servicing, customising and repairing small brass instruments. Please keep an eye on my blog and Instagram for further information. I also have a Patreon page titled the “Trumpet Planet Community”! For further information please read this post.

As well as the blog on this website I have recently written two books that I use as a teaching aid. One of them contains a complete explanation and set of exercises based upon my popular blog posts about learning scales. My second book, Exploring The Double Pedal Register, is based upon the early work of Jerome Callet and his long out-of-print Trumpet Yoga system. For further information about how to get your hands on these books please visit my store.